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A new acquaintance, who showed up at my book signing for my first book, asked if there was anything in my book about toe nail fungus, ringworm and/or athlete’s foot. That information did not belong in my first book which is on Amazon by the  title of, How to Stop Cold Sore Outbreaks, and HSV-1, While Getting Youthful Skin.

The title represents just a portion of the information in the book, however, it does not cover topics about his inquiry.  I said I would put more health information in my next book; including the topic of ringworm and fungus and to include the source or reference materials; as I am not a know-it-all but rather a learn-it-all who passes on  information to others who may not have the time, or inclination, to do the research.  My reader has had his condition for many years and has been on prescription drugs, yet he is still needing a more viable solution. He said he would like to get off the prescription drugs as he has developed kidney, and possibly liver problems, from his prescriptions.

Toenail fungus is quite common among the elderly as I have seen it on many people. Here is some information on how to get rid of toenail fungus which could help many people. I have also had a touch of a toenail fungal problem as well on each of my big toes. One big toenail was half white and the other was a third discolored brown, both were from the tip of the nail down. This is a good time to stop the spread of a nail fungal problem. I have seen some pretty sad conditions from people I’ve cared just for from letting this problem persist. It can progress so far that it becomes systemic and can attack our organs.

So, I felt it required a visit to my doctor, who recommended a podiatrist, who then recommended some natural remedies. Thank God neither one recommended medicine. Although medicine can be useful to alleviate symptoms that is not what I want. I want to kill the fungus at the root without damage to my kidneys or liver.

Also, I read this about prescription drugs in Worse Pills, Best Pills News by Sidney M. Wolfe, M.D.   Dr. Sydney Wolf, according to Wikipedia, is an American physician and the co-founder and director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Groups, a consumer and health advocacy lobbying organization. Dr Wolfe wrote “A few things you should know about terbinafine. First, it is marketed – heavily – under the brand name Lamisil, Second, the FDA approved it without discovering the potentially fatal flaw. Third, the FDA still allows it to be sold. And fourth, the drug is used to treat toenail fungus infections. Imagine-being treated for a toenail fungus and dying of liver failure.”

Clear nails plus is an all natural antitoxin supplement that removes fungus from your toenails and it stays gone. What I really like about this product by Roy Williams is that it he has extensive research and a very analytical approach to its development which was because his father had a fungal toe problem. It became systemic and travelled to his heart and could even be seen on the X-ray. This product was developed to help his father which it did.

All the ingredients are organic unlike many other toenail products which are made with synthetics, all which are unnatural. I am all about only putting natural products in our body, the way God intended it to be.

This product comes in capsule form which makes it quite effective, but to get the best excellent result it is important not to miss a dose. So you may wonder what is in this product?

This product is made of twelve probiotic ingredients that do a whole host of remarkable things to fight internal fungal infections.   One such thing, like all probiotics, is improving the body’s immune response in this care specifically to fight the fungal infection. Because these are probiotics – they kill the unhealthy bacteria while leaving the healthy bacteria to continue to fight the fungus. If you take the time to read what each of the twelve probiotic ingredients do to stop the internal fugal plague, I am sure you would be as impressed with what you read as I was. Contact me if you would like more information on the product ingredients.

Depending on the seriousness of your fungal problem the amount of time and results may vary from individual to individual.


Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only and not to be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this post, instead readers should contact appropriate health care professionals on any matter having to do with their health and wellbeing. Not for pregnant or lactating women or children. The material in this post has not been approved by the FDA. This product discussed is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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