Toe Nail Fungus-Not Today!

Diseases, Good products - Bad products

A new acquaintance, who showed up at my book signing for my first book, asked if there was anything in my book about toe nail fungus, ringworm and/or athlete’s foot. That information did not belong in my first book which is on Amazon by the  title of, How to Stop Cold Sore Outbreaks, and HSV-1, While Getting Youthful Skin.

The title represents just a portion of the information in the book, however, it does not cover topics about his inquiry.  I said I would put more health information in my next book; including the topic of ringworm and fungus and to include the source or reference materials; as I am not a know-it-all but rather a learn-it-all who passes on  information to others who may not have the time, or inclination, to do the research...

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More Healthy Skin, More Healthy You


Now let’s make sure that our face looks as good as the rest of us. To keep my skin youthful, I use a broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher every day. Even on a cloudy day we can get radiation from the sun. Whether we are outside in the shade, driving in our car or walking to the mailbox our skin is being affected. The sun’s rays are strongest between ten a.m. and two p.m. and lengthy sun exposure should be avoided. Sun cancer is on the rise due to the changes in the ozone layer. For best results from your sunscreen consider using a product that will lessen damage to the skin by layering on “antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, or niacinamide (a form of B3 niacin) Many sunscreens are now formulated with these free radical-scavenging warriors.” according to Petra Guglielmetti in Dr...

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