25 Simple and Easy Quinoa Recipes

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Quinoa is often called a “superfood,” but you can think of it as a hard-working everyday staple for your healthy recipes.

Quinoa (say it “keen-wah”) is considered a whole grain, although it’s technically a seed. Like other SmartCarbs, it’s high in fiber and low in calories. According to Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, a half-cup serving also fuels you up with four grams of protein—in fact, it’s one of the few plant foods that’s a “complete” protein, including all nine essential amino acids.1

Quinoa has a chewy texture and a lightly nutty flavor that blends well with many other ingredients. It comes in different colors, including red, white, yellow and even black.

Quinoa is the perfect swap for rice in your recipes...

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New Year, New You! Lose the Weight with Nutrisystem

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Happy YOU Year! Now’s the time to lose the weight and become your healthiest self. Whether you have significant weight to lose or just want to shed a few pesky pounds that showed up over the holidays, the new year is a great time to tackle your weight loss goals. Nothing says clean slate like tossing last year’s calendar in the trash and hanging up a brand new one.

But if you’re like most people, setting a goal and putting a plan into motion are two very different things. Even for those who get off to a good start, life can end up getting in the way. For a weight loss resolution, that could mean finding yourself reverting back to old eating habits or skipping workout sessions. Without structure and support, it can be really hard to keep working toward those healthy living goals.


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Diet and Weight Loss Have Surprizing Benefits

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Here is another perfect example of diet and weight loss having surprising benefits… according to Glenn S. Rothfeld, MD it is important to eat right and exercise because when you do you are starving off Alzheimer’s disease, (parenthesis mine) and the less you either eat right or exercise right, the more brain shrinkage one can experience. He refers to a study published in the journal of Molecular Psychiatry, “your weight in the midlife years may determine whether (and specifically when) you go on to develop Alzheimer’s disease in his book Reversing Alzheimer’s. That means saying good bye to processed food and a lot of sweets, instead go for the tasty fruits and veggie dishes that are available.

So an excellent diet and regular active lifestyle are the secret to preventing cognit...

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