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So what do we do when our animals can’t stomach their dog food any longer? What does it mean when they are getting sick from kibble?  Everything else looks fine according to the veterinarian, yet a bland diet may be recommended she said. So that belies the question, what is good for my dog to eat, and what would not be good to feed my beloved canine?

At this point I was determined not to go back to the kibble. Kibble was first developed in 1945 by Purina. It has been shown to be a problem for animals over that time, and some people do believe it leads to animals having various illnesses such as cancer. Research from the University of Helsinki would say an affirmative to that statement...

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Dogs and Cats Contribute to our Good Health


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There have actually been many articles on the benefits of dogs, cats and other animals as they relate to an increase in health and wellness. The studies show that we need our pets for many wellness reasons such as, not being alone and lonely, for something to take care of, for a purpose and a reason to live when everyone else is gone. Take for example my ninety-four -year-old friend who repeatedly tells me how happy she is with the kitten I brought her three years ago. Fluffy is so loved by her. She constantly makes us laugh by her antics because she is so unusual.

Laughter is good medicine, it releases positive endorphins into our system which is the feel-good neurotransmitter and laughter relaxes blood vessels while increasing blood flow, all which releases tension...

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