How To Get and Keep Youthful Skin

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I am honored to write this blog for my friend and for you my readers. You see, yesterday I had a friend text message me and asked me if I could tell her how to get more youthful skin at her age. I decided the easiest way to do that would be to write a blog about how I keep my youthful skin. Why should you listen to me you may wonder? Well here are a few examples of feedback I get from the public and why some would call me a Super Ager.

The reason that I agree I am a Super Ager is not just because people ask me how I stay youthful looking, but also because when I ask random people what they think my age is I get a jaw dropping reaction when I tell them my true age. As my male friend pointed out- here is an unsolicited example of my youthfulness. A few days ago I went to the Pharmacy get a tetanus shot as my doctor recommended. While there I filled out some basic information first and had to tell the date of my birth to the person writing the information who did not know me. She asked me again what my age was and I told her the month, day and year again. Then a few minutes later she again asked me what my age was. I told her, she asked me yet again… well by the 5th time I was becoming a little irritated and I think it may have sounded a bit irritated in my voice-so she didn’t ask again. When a tall blonde woman pharmacist came behind the screen to give me my tetanus shot, I said “I don’t think that the woman behind the counter believed me when I told her my age.” She looked at me laughed and said she didn’t… she came back there and told us “Look at that woman… can you believe she’s 71 years old! Can you believe it I can’t! That also made me laugh only then did I realize way she asked so many times.  For reasons like that I may be considered a super-ager in today’s medical science the term refers to people in their 70 and 80 who have mental or physical capability of decades-younger counterparts…but I actually prefer the term “Forever Young” perhaps because I like the song so much.

I’ve been told that I have “good skin” by people and I believe much of the reason for my looking youthful has to do with my facial skin. And usually when people are going to guess my age they look at my face.  So, here are some of my secrets that I’ve discovered over the years that keep my skin looking youthful and even that brings back better skin!  I am actually and 71 but people have told me I look to be about 50 and even 40 at times. So, here are some of my secrets that I’ve discovered over the years, most of them within just the last few years. Just goes to show it is never too late to renew your skin!

My recommendations are:

1st Drink lots of water. It is important to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. We all know our body is mostly made of water but that it does need to be replenished especially for the sake of your skin; the skin will be plumper and more useful when you have healthy water flowing throughout your body. There are many good reasons for drinking water besides vanity for example healthy blood flow though-out your body helps with circulation, removing infectious material and toxins through the body but for today I’m just going to try to just stay with the beauty factor.

  1. I want to talk about keeping youthful on a shoestring budget and one beauty secrets is collagen! Collagen is very important for your skin and it is generally a very inexpensive thing, one product I would recommend if you are on a shoestring budget would be St Ives Renewing Collagen and Elastin Body Lotion. It claims to have 100% of the daily hydration your skin needs to glow, I’ve used this after getting out of the shower and I’ve even used it on my face because of the collagen. Supplementing with Collagen will also help protect your joints in your body. Everyone’s knees need collagen also, so I would highly recommend if you can afford it to buy collagen as a supplement. My recommendation for supplements is Life Extension. Please tell them I referred you to them when you call for any of their wonderful supplements! And I would really appreciate your referral because I’ve been using their product’s multiple years with great success. (Find this information at the end of the blog.)


  1. If I would recommend one product for firming skin from sagging it would be Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair, although there are others I will share as well. This is a regenerating cream that seems to work wonders. As I mentioned I usually target the areas that I am working on. I will use this cream on those areas day and night (ideally) or as often as I remember to with my busy schedule. This you can purchase over the counter at your favorite store, Walmart will probably be the least expensive.

There are many more valuable tips coming on this topic that I use, so please check back frequently! Have a wonderful and beautiful day!



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