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So what do we do when our animals can’t stomach their dog food any longer? What does it mean when they are getting sick from kibble?  Everything else looks fine according to the veterinarian, yet a bland diet may be recommended she said. So that belies the question, what is good for my dog to eat, and what would not be good to feed my beloved canine?

At this point I was determined not to go back to the kibble. Kibble was first developed in 1945 by Purina. It has been shown to be a problem for animals over that time, and some people do believe it leads to animals having various illnesses such as cancer. Research from the University of Helsinki would say an affirmative to that statement. It was determined that dogs who ate kibble had 10 time higher homocysteine levels than dogs who ate only a minimal diet of processed foods. That is because high homocysteine levels are an inflammation marker for inflammatory diseases such as cancer according to this study. Yet, I was astounded by the high price for the supposedly more nutritious foods.

By making the dog food at home I know exactly what’s in it. That is a great advantage because I know it has nothing harmful in it like many of the pet foods that you find on the shelf today. For example, no byproducts which often are various animal parts that would be mostly considered unhealthy for my dog. But what are fillers are needed in order to make a well blended diet for my dog?

I need to know what are his needs. The major concern is having a balanced diet. That would consist of first protein of course being a canine our dogs need meat, seafood or eggs for dairy. Secondly healthy fats such oily fish like salmon or even putting some olive oil which is good for the dogs skin. Thirdly one should have carbs such as grains or vegetables and last calcium This could be found in the dairy products. The essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 one could find in oatmeal. If we wanted to make things in the proper ratio it would be approximately 50% protein and the rest would be a mixture of grains and vegetables. This concoction can be frozen and then made into individual servings and if some is left over to refrigerate or even freeze it for the convenience of having it easily available since all one has to do is defrost it in the microwave.

So what are some advantages of feeding your dog homemade dog food? One is to avoid having the concern of animal recalls. Just the other week there was a recall of a pet food after several dogs died. With homemade dog of course we get to regulate exactly what’s going into the food rather than just opening a can of dog food and hoping for the best. No instead we can control everything right down to whether we’re going to be giving them chicken or salmon and  what kind of cut of meat we’re going to be giving them even down to where the meat came from. Another advantage of this of course, would be the likelihood that the diet would be much better nutrition-wise then with wet food, and certainly better than the dry kibble as mentioned above.

How many of us are guilty of just reading the advertisement on the pet food bag and think that we’re giving our animals healthy food? In reality, we need to be reading the fine print which is actually the ingredients list on the back of the bag; because that’s what tells the true story what the animal is eating. By feeding the animal the food that you purchase you will be avoiding feeding them artificial ingredients in their food, in this way of course they get to eat healthy foods and not inferior ingredients like byproducts.

Yet another reason I started making my dogs food at home is because of his allergies. He was diagnosed with contact dermatitis which meant his skin was very itchy and dry, so he was scratching quite a bit. I started modifying his food at home, then I could control the amount of Omega three and fatty acids that he was eating. It seemed to help quite a bit to add extra virgin olive oil in his food and also to feed him more salmon. That along with soothing oatmeal baths, within a matter of a few weeks his skin cleared up. When our pets are healthy they can help to keep us happy and healthy.


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