Men’s Hair Product Guide: Everything You Need To Know

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Long gone are the days when the only men’s hair product guys used was gel from the grocery store.

Today’s beauty market is full of great items designed for different purposes so that any guy can style his hair to look the best.

It can get a little overwhelming though to look at seemingly endless choices of pomades, sprays and creams and know what to pick!

Here’s a helpful men’s hair product guide with everything you need to know.

Key Features

The four things to look for when assessing men’s hair products are shine, mate, hold and malleability.

Shine means how much the product reflects light and makes your hair look wet and, well, shiny. Matte is the opposite – this type of product absorbs light, and it seems like you’re not wearing anything.

The product’s hold determines how lon...

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Toe Nail Fungus-Not Today!

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A new acquaintance, who showed up at my book signing for my first book, asked if there was anything in my book about toe nail fungus, ringworm and/or athlete’s foot. That information did not belong in my first book which is on Amazon by the  title of, How to Stop Cold Sore Outbreaks, and HSV-1, While Getting Youthful Skin.

The title represents just a portion of the information in the book, however, it does not cover topics about his inquiry.  I said I would put more health information in my next book; including the topic of ringworm and fungus and to include the source or reference materials; as I am not a know-it-all but rather a learn-it-all who passes on  information to others who may not have the time, or inclination, to do the research...

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Healthy Pets Healthy Humans

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So what do we do when our animals can’t stomach their dog food any longer? What does it mean when they are getting sick from kibble?  Everything else looks fine according to the veterinarian, yet a bland diet may be recommended she said. So that belies the question, what is good for my dog to eat, and what would not be good to feed my beloved canine?

At this point I was determined not to go back to the kibble. Kibble was first developed in 1945 by Purina. It has been shown to be a problem for animals over that time, and some people do believe it leads to animals having various illnesses such as cancer. Research from the University of Helsinki would say an affirmative to that statement...

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ToeMate Nail Soak Fungus Treatment Kits

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Let’s face it ladies, toe nail fungus is unsightly but did you know it can also be a serious health hazzard as well? This problem can be very stubborn and often home remedies such as apple cider vinegar will not take care of every problem. Here is an alternative that you may really find helpful.

Why topical nail fungus (onychomycosis) treatment needs a device


For the medication to penetrate and reach the infection through nail keratin (which absorbs water and repels water insoluble drugs) the treatment must be at least partially water soluble. The most effective way is to immerse the infected nails in an antimicrobial that is dissolved in water to give nails absorption time...

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Face Mask Sensor to Detect COVID-19

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Our breath holds a multitude of biomarkers, including potentially those indicating the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. Those infected with the virus are prone to exhale proteases, enzymes that speed up the breakdown of proteins, related to the new virus. This has led researchers at University of California, San Diego to work on developing a wearable sensor that can be attached to masks to detect the presence of these proteases and therefore the COVID-19 virus.

“In many ways, masks are the perfect ‘wearable’ sensor for our current world,” said Jesse Jokerst, professor of nanoengineering at UC San Diego, who is the lead researcher of this project, in a press release...

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Remarkable Benefits of Collagen-Peptides

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Perhaps you just want to have beautiful skin or see fewer wrinkles in the mirror. One way that movie stars like Jennifer Aniston maintains her beautiful skin is through collagen peptides. One reason is because that collagen is a major component of skin and plays a role in strengthening skin. Collagen may benefit elasticity giving your skin some bounce back. It also is important to hydrate your skin and collagen does just that. Another beauty tip that I share with Jennifer Aniston is the use of hyaluronic acid. The product that I love of hers is Aveeno Absolutely Ageless restorative night cream. I’ve found great results with this product as well. In my case it visually stopped the progression of  wrinkles before the jar was even gone; although similar results may vary...

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Beautyblender Is Launching a Plant-Based Version of Its Pink Sponge

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I remember the first time I tried a Beautyblender and thought, how have I never tried this before? I wasn’t an early adopter because I didn’t think I needed it all those years ago, but once I experienced the seamless, airbrushed finish I could get with the bounce application technique introduced by brand founder and makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, I was hooked. Since the tiny pink sponge launched in 2003, there have countless copycats, but many beauty professionals and novices alike still rank it best in its category. And now, for the first time ever, the brand is launching a new eco-friendly version of its cult-classic called Bio Pure.

Aside from its bright green color, the key difference between the OG and the new sponge is that Bio Pure is made with 60-percent plant-based, renewabl...

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Artificial Attachments for Immune Cells Help Kill Tumors

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Though immune cells have the capabilities to kill cancer cells, they’re often thwarted by cancer’s ability to evade detection. Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have now developed engineered natural killer cells that have a much better ability to find and kill cancerous cells.

“We explored a novel method to engineer natural killer cells,” said Yong Wang, professor of biomedical engineering and one of the developers of the new approach, in the announcement. “This technique significantly improved the recognition and killing of target cancer cells.”

Wang and team developed molecular add-ons for white blood cells called polyvalent antibody mimics (PAMs). These PAMs are structured from DNA to produce a scaffold that features multiple branches...

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Smart Ring Monitors Body Temperature, May Spot COVID Fever Early

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A team of researchers, including those at the University of California, San Francisco and University of California, San Diego, has tested the potential of a smart ring, that can collect health data, including temperature and heart rate, to detect fever associated with COVID-19. In a proof-of-concept study, the researchers showed that the ring, developed by a Finnish startup called Oura, could detect fevers before patients began to experience symptoms, suggesting that the technology could function as an early warning system for COVID-19.

Identifying COVID-19 infections early and implementing quarantine immediately could help to limit the spread of the virus and allow patients to receive care early...

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“VRx”: A Medgadget Book Interview with Author Dr. Brennan Spiegel

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In the recently released science-fiction novel Ready Player Two, protagonist Wade Watts spends the majority of the book inside a virtual reality universe called the “OASIS”. Though the OASIS is merely a simulation consisting of computer-generated imagery, immersive sound, and gesture-based interaction, it has a profound impact on reality. It’s a place where one loses the sense of time, both physical and emotional pain is identified and eased, and users can confront and overcome their deepest longings and fears.

The OASIS may be fictional, but some of its seemingly therapeutic effects are factual, backed by decades of research and thousands of scientific studies. In his recently released book, VRx: How Virtual Therapeutics Will Revolutionize Medicine, Dr...

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