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Welcome all visitors to my blog. This blog exists for you.

There are many ways to maintain good health and youthfulness, and I am here to share my secrets and tips with you on this blog. I say that for the following reason.

Just last week, for example, I got a jaw-droping response when I told the owner of an art gallery my age, after first asking her what she thought my age was. I do that for fun and for confirmation, so I know it’s not just me thinking I am a Forever-Young-Type person. She guessed me to be a certain age, when I told her my real age she was so shocked she not only dropped her jaw, she shouted “that’s amazing how do you do that!” That is what this blog is about I said, and handed her a card. Another instance is when I went to my high school reunion, I got out of my car a fellow high school alumni shouted out, “Lynda, you look the same as you did in high school!” Well, maybe not that young I hope, but a decade or two younger.

Besides looking youthful I still stay active, even like to run up the stairs at my house, walk the dog every day and bicycle often. I also swim at the pool when I can. I have some health issues which I will share with you, but I deal with them differently than most people. Let’s just say God leads me to what I need to know through research, by being willing to change what I need to do differently, what to eat and not eat, and to specific resources that help me overcome issues. Yes I take supplements, but no medication.

I believe it’s not just how long we can live, but the quality of our lives as we age gracefully. We have our chronological age, and then there is the age we feel internally. On my site you will find blogs about anti-aging, stopping aches and pains, youthfulness, and wellness ideas: there will also be blogs for strong muscles, healthy skin, and beauty products that I believe in. As I research I and sample products I have found what I consider my best products, supplements, cookware, and cosmetics to make life better. These are the products and ideas I will share with you, my readers.

I feel decades younger, still have a fun lifestyle, live without medication and eat healthy food. I will pass on many of my tips and secrets on this blog. No matter what age you are it is never too late to feel better and to look younger.

Another area of health and beauty that I enjoy is of nature. I am an artist and I love photography. Just by being around a body of water we can obtain positive endorphins, looking at beautiful photography and artwork can calm us and help to eliminate stress. Any time we take time for self-care we just have more to give to others.

Let’s enjoy life’s journey together!

Lynda and Team